PC Platform Leads Capcom's Digital Sales By 40%, PSN Follows With 30% & Xbox Live Arcade With 20%

A couple of days ago, Capcom revealed that Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will be coming to Steam. And given Capcom’s recent digital sales report, this seems like a logical decision. According to the Japanese company, the PC platform leads its full game download sales.

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Cobain191159d ago

PC gaming getting stronger and stronger each and every year

john21159d ago

Capcom does release some digital-only games, so this is definitely good news for PC fans

UkrainianWarrior1158d ago

Probably because there are millions and millions of new PC's sold each year..

deviliscry1158d ago

This it's only digital .

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rpgfan1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Lol no crap pc is going to lead in digital.

Consoles still prefer physical over digital.

And can you still get many pc games physical versions
most of the ones that i see in stores are mmos

plus games are cheaper through steam and gog

nowitzki20041158d ago

and and and etc... Why would we want to spend $30 extra or more for a physical copy?

rpgfan1158d ago

I buy everything physical if i can i like having the games on my shelf. as well as movies and music.

if its digital only i will buy it that way.

But i see a few digital only games are getting physical editions now to. so i pick them up twice.

Soap_Z1158d ago

To be honest, I am surprised by the huge share of PSN(30%) and Xbox Live(20%).
Because for PC games, digital version is all, but for console games, digital version is a little part compared with physical version.

_-EDMIX-_1158d ago

As a gamer that also games on PC, don't sterotype PC gamers.

No..."digital version is" not all to PC gamers. As one of them, I can say if the price is right, most times I get the boxed version.



Though I don't mind adding games to steam to have them download or have the client support etc, I generally buy boxed PC many times.

It really depends on the price, method etc. I've gotten boxed PC games before for cheap, to get the download cheaper lol, I've gotten the boxed version to skip the download often too.

Really depends. PC is just easier due to the amount of space one can actually have, but consoles are reaching that point very fast, look at XONE, you could have a 4TB hdd on an external on it.

vanity291158d ago

Instead of all, let's say almost all.

_-EDMIX-_1158d ago

@Vanity- lol, some....most, a large amount.

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The story is too old to be commented.