Metal Gear Solid V Review - A beautiful yet flawed diamond [Dealswpn]

DS: Despite the fact Ground Zeroes gave us a vertical slice of what would be on offer, I wasn’t really prepared for what The Phantom Pain ended up delivering. The scale of the game – be it the size of its maps, the scope of the gameplay, and the challenges available – overtakes anything we’ve previously seen from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. You could even say it’s the logical conclusion to Kojima’s work in terms of gameplay and accessibility, with the end result being something that stands head and should above anything else remotely similar.

In short, Kojima has effectively re-written the rulebook on stealth games yet again, but is it the perfect game? That’s a question that isn’t so easy to answer.

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Scatpants2145d ago

I agree with this score.Objectives and missions are a little too samey for all the 10s it's been getting. Sure you can do the missions differently each time, but that's not the point.

Nirvaniac2145d ago

Yeah 10's. For a game that the online feature doesn't even work. Ok.