Why 'Metal Gear Solid 5' Still Isn't The Best In The Series


"With the release of Metal Gear Solid 5, one of the most storied, stalwart series in the video gaming industry comes to a close. It does so in classic, absurd style, with a sprawling, endless take on its classic stealth gameplay, a tour de force for newcomers and longtime fans alike. It’s the biggest game in the series by a long shot, with by far the most intricate gameplay, most extensive weapon systems, and a sense of freedom the series has never had before. But, for me, it’s still not the best game Hideo Kojiima has given us yet. That honor will always go to the original Metal Gear Solid on Playstation."

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DanteVFenris6662143d ago

It would be if not for the terrible 4th And 5th act. Though those acts added diversity the first 2 acts were a lot better in my opinion.

darren_poolies2143d ago

What? The fourth and fifth act were amazing!

Kleptic2142d ago

yep...completely lost...I haven't played MGS4 in half a decade...but I do remember the second half of that game being arguably the best single player experience i've ever had...

DanteVFenris6662142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

The fifth act took 5-10 mins to complete. Excluding the cutscenes. Not that I hated the fourth but it was very different than the rest of the game. Where robots became the primary enemy. And those grenades that stunned robots became I must have. I grew to like it but i didn't enjoy my first play through only later did I realize it made the game a bit more diverse.

The fiths act only saving grace was the epic fight against liquid. That was one awsome fight to end it. However the entire level for act 5 I think I've sped run on it in a few minutes

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seanpitt232143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Loved them all but 3 and 4 are my favourites. Mgs 5 is probably my least favourite I just don't like how it's set out. It's totally different from the others I always new with it being open world it wouldn't be a story driven game as much as the others was.

DanteVFenris6662142d ago

So far I like 4 the most than 5, than 3. The only reason for that is because I hated the controls. In that you couldn't properly aim. The shooting mechanics were done terrible. If not for that it might beat 4 but it's hard to say

Timesplitter142143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

For me:
- MGS1 : Best setting, ambience, innovation
- MGS2 : Had great gameplay at the time but today doesn't really stand out in the franchise anymore
- MGS3 : Best story hands down, also had great mechanics like healing, hunting and camouflage. MGS3's story was the simplest in the franchise and also the most effective. There's probably something to learn from that.
- MGS4 : While not the best story, had many of the best "moments" of the franchise (microwave corridor, fight with ocelot, cyborg raiden, REX vs RAY, death of Big Boss)
- MGS5 : Best gameplay, although I still think it would be better if there was a greater focus on stealth, and you couldn't easily get away with shooting everyone

Overall: MGS3 was my favorite because story, characters, gameplay, boss fights, "kojimaness" and easter eggs were all nearly flawless.

I also think the ultimate MGS game would be MGS5's controls/mechanics in a MGS1 kind of setting (solo infiltrate a large enemy base where the entire game takes place, with no outside support aside from codec calls), and a story as good as MGS3's

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aaron58292143d ago

yeah man, 3 is the best for me story wise... gameplay, i have to give it to 4, and peacewalker, and 2 and ori and V, eff it... i love mgs.

SuperBlunt2143d ago

You cannot be serious about the gameplay one. There is no way what you said could be percieved as a fact

Timesplitter142143d ago

I didn't like the gameplay in 4 that much. Having access to the weapon store at all times kinda removed the sense of danger.

They handled this better in MGS5 because it feels like it works better with the whole open-world/base management aspect of the game

slappy5082143d ago

GOAT- took me a while, game of all time presumably what it means.
I agree
I rank 3,4,5,2,1.. They are all all great games, really

Gamehard2143d ago

GOAT = Greatest of all time :) it applies to anything that can have a ranking system lol.

equal_youth2143d ago

The story might not be on par with the best in the series but the gameplay is definitely the best in the series. I would have wished for better and more memorable boss-fights and a better bridge between the other games but where the story fails the gameplay satisfies.

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