790i Ultra SLI Motherboards Compared

Nvidia's history left Tom's Hardware expecting little in the way of improvements from its 790i series chipsets. But they were in for a surprise. In spite of its antiquated 90 nm production process, the new northbridge features a fully modernized design.

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Guwapo773762d ago

Nvidia mobos/graphics cards in desktop and laptop are having serious problems. They are being replaced with other major company cards/chips. Take a few minutes to do the research. Think of it as almost a RROD situation for Nvidia.

Guardian0fPeace3761d ago

they're just liars that like to make ppl look bad

SuperSaiyan43762d ago

Best boards on the market imo.

bumnut3761d ago

im an asus man myself

TiKiMaN13761d ago

It has been a fantastic motherboard! Never had such a stable overclocking motherboard. Also the BIOS have really matured. I would recommend the board to any friend without hesitation.