I am Bread Review - White, Brown, Multigrain, Doesn't Matter | COG

COG Writes: Take on the role of a slice of bread, you know, that yummy goodness you toast and put Cheeze Whiz on. Does this premise make a good game, well, kind of...check out our bread pun filled review.

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JohnnyXeo2142d ago

This was the yeast I expected.

MRBIGCAT2142d ago

Bread game, goat simulator, what's next?

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan2142d ago

I am hoping for a Salad Based game, you know, get a whole boatload of veggies going.

GrapesOfRaf2142d ago

They have to do each part of the food pyramid. So they started with grains, next we'll see something dairy based. Can't wait for the protein edition...

Indigon2142d ago

Waiting for the glutenfree edition.

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