Cogmind - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

This is a game that I had the joy of playing years ago, as an entrant in the 2012 7 day roguelike challenge, except vastly improved. Want to compare how far they have brought this gem in three years? Check out the original first.

Roguelikes are a guilty pleasure of mine, in that I always feel guilty about playing them because I am just so bad at them, but they tend to lean towards checking all of the boxes that make for a great gaming experience, and Cogmind has raised the bar for this. Traditionally, I hail Roguelike games for the simple visual style to them, leaving the appearance in a much more rigid and typically ansi state, and forcing the developers to make some really great gameplay. Cogmind flips that table first thing, with a replacement of the tileset to something closer resembling graphics, without changing it all beyond recognition to an actual ‘graphical’ game.

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