Is Super Meat Boy PS4 one of October's PS Plus games?

Super Meat Boy will release on PS4 and PS Vita on October 6, the official PlayStation website has revealed - the same day next month's PS Plus games are expected to go live.

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itsjustexuma1137d ago

Yes, it was supposed to be September's free game

callahan091136d ago

Awesome game. Didn't realize this was never on PS3.

italiangamer1136d ago

Yes it is! They said it some months ago, Super Meat Boy will be free for PS4 & PSVITA in October.

DanielEndurance1136d ago

Yup, already announced as a thank you for the long wait it took to come to PlayStation platforms.

digger181136d ago

Good God, I hope not. Fed up with all these crap looking indie games. I didn't buy a next gen console for this. :(

FullmetalRoyale1136d ago

Man, I've never heard anything but glowing opinions on Super Meat Boy. I don't mean to say that I don't respect your opinion(or even share it at times), but I am VERY excited to play this game, finally!

Spyroo1136d ago

So you only bought it for ps+ games?

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