LSD: Dream Emulator is like Licking an Amazonian Toad

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“A console exclusive that was never officially released outside of Japan, LSD: Dream Emulator has become the Jumanji of video games.”

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MrsNesbitt2149d ago

must be amazing to play drunk!

Yukes2149d ago

Never heard of this, but looks like the ultimate "party" game - would make for an excellent stream as well! :D

c00lvilKid692149d ago

Lol... “party game”


GamerGabs2149d ago

I watched Caddicarus play this, (also PBG) and came to the conclusion that it is actually quite boring. If you manage to get interesting stuff to happen then it can be wonderfully weird though.

howiewowwee2149d ago

Gotta take LSD to like this game.

parentsbasement2149d ago

If your on LSD it would look "normal" wouldn't it?...

c00lvilKid692149d ago

Some deep philosophical questions being thrown around here...

Maple222149d ago

This looks insane.... The stills alone are giving me a headache!