MGSV: When Single Player is this Good, a Broken Online Ain’t no Thang

In between the unadulterated love that Antony and Darren can’t stop themselves from bestowing upon Kojima San’s masterpiece, the question of Phantom Pain getting a free pass regarding the broken online aspect of the game is surprising. Especially when such an unstable connection would draw plenty of flak were it any other game. Does the sheer magic of the single player excuse this?

Antony continues his addiction with Disney Infinity 3.0 and assures us all he can quit at any time (as he pre-orders yet another figure!)

In the news section the Sparks' talk about the new Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer’s Edition and with the announcement of ‘Ubi-land’, have fun coming up with ideal gaming theme parks!!

Also discussed is yet another remastered release on the next gen consoles – Castle Crashers. With this release, Gears of War: Ultimate and the upcoming Uncharted Collection, has the gaming industry turned a corner and finally started to do remasters right?

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FallenAngel19842144d ago

I think every game no matter its rep should be criticized for every aspect. If MGO3 is also broken it should be factored into MGSV's Metascore like Halo: TMCC did. But alas the same thing didn't happen to GTAV so I don't expect it to happen now

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81BX2143d ago

@fallen i agree. Gamers are super quick to hand out passes because they like a series. If half your game doesnt work you shouldn't get higher than a 50/100. That goes for halo mcc and mgsV.

N4g_null2143d ago

True critical aspects should be noted. Yet review scores are given too much validity. These are inherently opinions taken as facts by the masses.

The fact that you think an opinion should be fair is actually the part of the problem because now you are accepting it as if it was true. Bias will always exsist in entertainment. That is the problem here. We all see the problem and that is the fact that many except these opinions for it and are seen as facts and overide personal opinion of the masses.

The truth is in the overall opinion of the masses along with personal experience and returned stock. So post your opinion intend of just reading one.

2cents2144d ago

What a stupid title.

Of course it matters.

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phantomxll2144d ago

Waiting for the day Phantom Pain will log into a server :(

the_dark_one2143d ago

Well im waitting for the day that being connected to a server doesnt slow the hell of my idroid to get into mother base customization, weapons and staff management.
I tend to just disconect from the servers cause thats very bothersome

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