Destiny: Where’s XUR for Week 53 and What’s he Selling? Helm of Inmost Light, Celestial Nighthawk

SegmentNext - XUR has arrived in Destiny with exotic items and weapons, along with shards and engrams. To get their hands on this week's inventory, Guardians will need to bring along their Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

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ninsigma1137d ago

Looks like I'll be getting the exotic engram! Already have helm of inmost light. Put so much effort in to be able to afford it before it went at the time so I'll never get rid of it lol

Kribwalker1136d ago

Nothing for me this week. Did you know you can break down motes of light for XP now. Everything gains it

ninsigma1136d ago

I didn't but that's interesting! Good to know, thanks :)

If I can get enough coins I'll probably pick up a helmet for hunter or warlock for my 2nd character. Haven't decided which one to choose yet.

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MasterD9191136d ago

Hard to see the need to buy anything before everything means nothing after the expansion is released....*sigh*

JWiLL5521136d ago

People are seriously complaining about what he's selling? It's the last week before the expansion, next week will be the interesting one.

coreyweb1136d ago

He doesn't have exotic shards? That's annoying.