150 Developers Working on GTA IV

According to Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey, a financial consultant for Take-Two Interactive Software, around 150 developers are hard at work on Grand Theft Auto IV.

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untouchable4328d ago

More than MGS4, with that many developers working both games will be amazing

The_Firestarter4328d ago

A HUGE world with lots of details in characters, vehicles, and buildings. It'd obviously be THE BEST GTA so far! ^__^ I can't wait for GTAIV!

PS360PCROCKS4328d ago

As long as they include everything Saints Row had plus more, ga dam we're set

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4327d ago

like V-sync right out-da box, none of that download patch crap. I hate when developers release unfinished/unoptimized games!

kingboy4328d ago

Blu ray disc will make a fine storage for GTAIV

FordGTGuy4327d ago

horrible loading times to. Not to mention all the load screens on the PS3 version because of the horrible ram on the system.

power of Green 4327d ago

360's ram will make the best looking GTA ever.

synLamont4327d ago

@ kingboy

really the only way Blu ray would be beneficial is if the PS3 version extra areas added to the cities or two or more extra cities. with that idea in mind i don't think they will do that, each console version would be identical.

@ FordGTGuy

WTF are you talking about how often do you see load time in GTA games while playing? Don't put down the Develpers of the game cause you have a basis aganist the PS3, noway would Take-Two that to there game. The load time one the PS3 are not bad it is just he Xbox360 has better load times.

DJ4327d ago

"Not to mention all the load screens on the PS3 version because of the horrible ram on the system."

"360's ram will make the best looking GTA ever."

They're just mad that the 360 doesn't have CPU ram, and ends up bottlenecking the Xenon CPU with high-latency GPU ram.

PS3 has the same GPU memory as 360, but also has XDR RAM for the CPU on a dedicated, rather than unified, bandwidth pipeline. That, and it's 5 times faster than the 360's RAM. Sorry Power, but XDR can store texture data too. Cell can do GPU functions too, so no worries on the graphical side of things.

TheXgamerLive4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

You know better, that's why I say that. Dedicated or handicapped? You know based on games so far, based on programmer difficulties so far, based on some games jumping from ps3 excl. to Xbox 360 so far, you know based on it;s design and not just on paper design but actual working design, is that's the ps3 is inferior. It would be a better PC if needed for multi but low memory applications but not for gaming.

Please, no more BS. The ps3 will lose more titles as programmers aren't able to overcome the handicapped memort problems of the ps3. It's probably not even going to see MGS4 or GTAIV or even AC. The issues are that big, that developers either put out an inferior product or they cancel the game for the ps3 and give it to the Xbox 360. yes, this will happen more in 2007 as it did in 2006. The ps3's latent design can't produce a same as Xbox 360 design flow, it's alway's going to bottleneck and you know it, not the Xbox 360, but the ps3.

Attn: ps3 fanboys, please just give up the lies. You know the ps3 is going to release some great titles along it's life span, but it's going to be inferior in game design, game play and downloadable content as well as online play.

SPAWN4326d ago

NO! It will make the load times 5 minutes Mr. know it all!

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hardwood20014328d ago

Has there been any official announcement regarding downloadable content for the ps3, from sony or Take-Two Interactive?

FordGTGuy4327d ago

but the 360 will be getting trilogy downloads for the game.

Grown Folks Talk4327d ago

they are both getting content. it will just be specific to each console. one of those deals where rockstar hopes you pick up both versions for the different extra content.

TheXgamerLive4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

The main character can paint his car, lol, kidding. There going to try but with the ps3, they havent officially announced what it will be or if there will truly be additional content. I guess if there online ever "really" takes off, they they'd probably get some actual content.

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