Crisis in Metal Gear Solid V – Don’t Fall Victim

MyGaming: "So I just got falcon punched in the face by the biggest troll in gaming history, Hideo Kojima.

At a certain point in the game, a severely drastic situation will begin decimating your personnel.

I have written this article so that anyone playing this game can avoid this very debilitating tragedy, at the cost of a spoiler. Seriously, it’s worth reading on."

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ThatEnglishDude2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Oh for crying out loud, can't you just let people experience things for themselves? The game was designed to BE a "falcon punch in the face". It's the INTENT of the game. It's meant to screw you over, it's part of the damn story. The way you title this article makes it sound like it's a technical bug or glitch. This, however, is part of the actual experience, and focuses on an event that is purposefully included to drive the emotional narrative, and you potentially ruined it for others simply because you didn't like it. Good job.

The second sentence on this N4G post contains a spoiler. Sure, you don't detail the specifics - but for those who have yet to reach this point, they will be expecting something to happen, which COMPLETELY goes against the original point of this mission, that is for it to be a surprise - just as it is for the main characters.

I really feel like I should complete this game ASAP as to not run into spoilers and stuff from ignorant articles like this.

flyingwombat332147d ago

Totally, that section was one of the most interesting in the game to me. What a butthead.