Make Up The Numbers: The Problem With Review Scores

Diggy at GameSpew writes: "The vast majority of reviews (not just for video games but also for films, books and albums), include some kind of numerical score. Whether it’s out of five, 10 or 100, for some of us it’s the only part of a review we’re even bothered about. But how much sense does it really make for this to be a staple of every critique?"

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miyamoto1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Scores ruins it for me so I pay full attention to the details of the review trying to see if the product meets my important needs and wants. Then I will compare it to the other products and decide for myself.

I go for the best product at the given time frame.
This is why I love my PS3 Slim, my PSP 3000, my PS Vita 2000, my Galaxy Note Pro, my Macbook Pro, my Galaxy S4, my Samsung Full HD TV, my Elgato HD Game Capture, my Swiss Gear Bag, my iPad Mini 2, my given Sega Genesis and PS2 with hard drive (still kicking ass today), my Omega Vert HD juicer, my Lego collection, etc. and my PS4 with DS4 of course.

All high quality and fun products that help me with life.
You just gotta be well informed.