Best Racing Wheels for Xbox One and PS4

Experience racing games as they should be played with these recommendations for the best racing wheels for Xbox One and PS4.

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Trilogy2k1186d ago

And surprisingly, not one reference to any Logitech wheels.
As a G27 owner I won't be purchasing another due to the way Logitech treat their existing wheel owning customer base.

TLG19911186d ago

What do you mean " to the way Logitech treat their existing wheel owning customer base."

I thought both consoles are only selling the right for certain companies to manufacture wheel for their systems. and Logitech or not one of them, logitechs have said they aren't allowed to for some reason im sure. unless I've missed something. its Sony and Microsoft fault as far as i know.

I to really want a wheel for ps4 but refuse to buy one as i want to use the G27. so i do feel your pain.

SniperControl1186d ago

I actually sold my G27 to get a G29, but later found out it is near enough the same damn wheel, but more expensive.
So screw it, i paid a little extra and got a good deal on a T500rs with shifter, glad i did, blows the G27 out of the water.

Dasteru1186d ago

Fanatec Clubsport by a mile if you can afford it.

SporadikStyles1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Yep, my Fanatec setup is almost complete, so worth the price. How do these sites go on about best wheels and never mention Fanatec Clubsport series? Also why are they saying the Porche 911 GT2 works with Xbox One when it doesn't? Another stupid best wheel article from someone who doesn't play with a wheel.

SniperControl1186d ago

No T500rs? works perfectly on the PS4, sold my G27 for the T500, never looked back.

Just wish the X1 supported it, i have to use a CronusMax dongle to get it to work on there, only downside no FFB.

Thefreeman0121186d ago

I've enjoyed my thrustmaster TX. Decent entry price for a wheel and pedal set with force feedback.. I also like my gear box and pedal add one as well

opoikl1186d ago

I also sold my DF:GT to get a new T500RS. It's quite the upgrade in quality.

Apart from the lack of a share button, my guess is this wheel is the best you can get at the moment.