Top 10 Annoying Video Game Enemies

WatchMojo countdown their picks for the Top 10 Annoying Video Game Enemies.

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Featuring_Dante1131d ago

FFX's Malboro was a monster. Screw that monster.

jon_snow1131d ago

Same here especially the version which has 1st strike and bad breath immediately on you.

bangoskank1131d ago

The Riddler in Arkham Knight was the most annoying enemy in recent memory. The feedback from his mic before he started talking made it even worse. What a prick. Mosquitoes and wheel skeletons from Dark Souls also sucked hard.

DiscoKid1131d ago

Malboro takes the cake. As well as Tonberry.

KurtRussell1131d ago

We need Top 10 Annoying Top 10s by Watch Mojo