New Persona 5 Promotional Poster Revealed

Following the confirmation that Persona 5 would be appearing at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 convention, a new promotional poster for the game has been revealed for a retail store promotion in Japan.

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Hoffmann1186d ago

Its time this game gets a release date already.

jon_snow1186d ago

6 more days to go. The wait is killing me.

ONESHOTV21186d ago

im getting this Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

Summons751185d ago

I really want that to be the cover art

rextraordinaire1185d ago

Is the whole team limited to 4 characters this time?

Gasian1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Most likely not. I am sure there will be more characters they probably don't want to spoil it.