EA To Haunt/Screw Up PS3 Left 4 Dead...Maybe

WhatIfGaming writes: "We like EA. So what's going to happen with Left 4 Dead, apparently no longer a Xbox 360 or PC exclusive? The same thing with Half Life: The Orange Box. Another bad port? Probably. It would definitely explain why the title will haunt the PS3 owners."

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pwnsause4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

let me tell you something. Epic was able to make sure that the UE3 engine was able to be optimized on PS3. Now why is that? well thats because they created the engine, so they know more than anyone else. not to mention sony went to them and payed them to make sure that the engine runs on the PS3.

EA is porting this game to PS3, and its going to be an Epic Failure. Why? because they dont know how to get this code working on the PS3. they dont know the ins and outs of the Source Engine, Valve Knows. But Valve doesnt give a Rats A** about the PS3, so they are not going to optimize the engine on the PS3. if valve at least tried to optimize, then it wouldnt be such a problem. be very happy that the majority of Developers are not using this as their default middleware engine.

EA is going to Have to explain themselves on why they are porting this game. They know how pissed PS3 owners were with the Epic Failure of the Orange Box on PS3. They know that their Biggest source of Income Generated came from the PS3 in the last few months, they know that if they blow this, they're in for another Roasting by PS3 owners.

Silogon4322d ago

The only way this will end good is if they scrape Valve's code and go with their own code using preexisting Cell dev code they already have from Orange Box. Let's face it, the engine is basically the same as Halflife's engine and they can always optimise this code and will probably do so.

I still won't get this game on anything other than my PC, cause it cripples the Ps3, xbox 360 and most Pc's combined.

PoSTedUP4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

they have to stop being lazy and make a NEW code for the ps3 version.

if its a port from 360 then im not buying it.

the ps3 doesnt read the 360 code very well cause its so different. its like "wtf is this sh*t?" and then chops it up making it worse than what it was. #@%& that, they aint getting a dime out of me if thats the case.

their lucky im buying madden '09 only cause its 60fps on the ps3.

jwatt4322d ago

This going to be EA's second game that they port for valve on the ps3. I think this time they will have a little bit more experience and more determination to not screw this port up.

RemmM4322d ago

It could happen since Peter Moore works for EA and MS.

uie4rhig4322d ago

meh i guess we'll see from reviews if the game is gonna suck on PS3 or not.. i have no doubt that the gameplay, ai, graphics and whatnot is gonna be good on 360/PC but for the PS3 we'll see it in the reviews, like we did with the Orange Box!

Milky4321d ago

This is kinda stupid, it hasnt been confirmed that it is coming to PS3 anyway. That magazine scan was a part of the RUMOR section.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4321d ago

The Rainbowsix games and Turok are made with UE3 and they don\t exactly run well on the PS3.

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Tinman14322d ago

I fear for the PS3 owners sanity with EA ports at this point. Does EA REALLY think ANYONE is going to buy their crap after Orange Box?

Ogrekiller4322d ago

is that someone ACTUALLY LIKES EA. Has hell frozen over?

solidjun54322d ago

I equate this to Duke Nukem release this. I ain't believing it till I see it. Meaning, I ain't believing a proper port on the PS3 by money grubbing EA until I see it and i get a second, third, nth opinion. There's a saying from North Carolina...might be from Texas, but I'm sure it's from North Carolina.

Fool me once, shame...shame on you.

Fool me once ain't happening again.

--George W. Bush

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4321d ago


xBox 360 will be 'Left 4 Dead'... ;-D

God i'd love to go on xBox 360 News on this all the time and not lose my Bubbles!!! ;-D Think xBot Lemmings are immune on this site???

TheDesperado4322d ago

I love Orange Box (but hate Valve and their attitude. Thank god they have some talent).

I must've gotten a near perfect version of the port because I REALLY don't see how it's so bad. There's slowdown in EP2 when there's tons of stuff on screen and that's it. When I play, I don't think, "Oh! Load times are 1-2 seconds faster on PC, guess the game's unplayable on my PS3."

And does anyone else find this statement UTTERLY RIDICULOUS?
"a Xbox 360 or PC exclusive"
It's either an exclusive (on ONE SINGLE SOLE LONELY platform), or its multiplatform. Left 4 Dead, like Bioshock was multiplatform before the PS3 port.

JoyiusHammer4322d ago

Chill out. that was a mistake on my part with the description here on n4g. The site says "&"

Tinman14322d ago

Yeah..saw it when it went said & on my side.

KyRo4322d ago

Total agree with you, yeah episode 2 suffered a bit but not enough to make it unplayable. I know TF2 had a few problems too but ive played it for a while and again its nothing to make it unplayable. Is there a artical that i can read to see what is really so different to the 360 version?

PainisCupcake4322d ago

Just do a search, so much of TF2 is missing from the game, even more so if you compare it to the PC version. TF2 is so buggy, EA's patch only made it worse apparently. Glad I bought Episode 2 on the PC, far superior.

TheDesperado4321d ago

& is even worse. & is exactly what I'm saying shouldn't be there.
You can't have TWO platforms (multi=more than one so multiplatforms) and insist something is exclusive to them.

You're confusing Xbox 360/PC exclusive with "not on PS3" (yet at least, like most 360 'exclusives' that jump ship). Might as well add not on Wii, not on PS2, not on DS or PSP.

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