Dota 2 is now the world's first Source 2 game

The Source 2 engine is officially in use, and the first game to make use of it is DOTA 2.

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-Foxtrot1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Not really the majority of people want though is it.

Half Life 3 should have been the first game to break in the new engine and show it off

Paytaa1131d ago

If it was the same Valve from 2004-2007 it would've worked out that way. Steam is a fantastic service but it's the reason Valve doesn't make games anymore since they make more money off Steam than any game they would make.

JsonHenry1131d ago

I like the new engine. Everything feels more fluid and solid. Not sure why they bothered with an engine if they're not into making games unless they expect to sell the Source2 engine in droves. But Dota2 is proof that Valve is still in the business of making games. But they've shifted their priorities in what type of games.

Karnalsyn1130d ago

Everything feels more fluid....and solid?

JsonHenry1130d ago

Yes, you can say the animations and effects feel more fluid while the game itself has less hitches and hiccups therefore being more solid.

This is a game engine we're talking about. Not a physical object you pick up and throw around.

Pull your head out of your ass.

user99502791131d ago

.....??!?! lol. Alright pal, might want to refresh yourself on the number of people who play DOTA on a regular basis. Here's a hint: a lot more than your favorite game.

Besides, there will be plenty of opportunities to show off the engine. This is just the first. No need to put your negative spin on things. Resist the temptation, FOX!

I am curious if Respawn will go with this for Titanfall 2.

-Foxtrot1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Couldn't give a shit how many people play it

Half Life, L4D and Portal are all better franchises then DoTA and are more popular.

Fireseed1130d ago

"Couldn't give a s%&* how many people play it"

"Half Life, L4D, and Portal... are more popular"

So you're just willfully ignorant?

Intentions1131d ago

Dota is Valves most played game = most popular.

AzubuEntus1131d ago

All thanks to you -Foxtrot, I'm now motivated to play Dota 2. Thanks a lot!

(This is coming from a user who put 1100+ hours into Dota 2).

Rearden1130d ago

Seems like a good way to test the engine before its prime time in HL3?

JsonHenry1130d ago

Sorry man, as much as I wish it were otherwise, Dota is much more popular than any of those games you listed. Combined.

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acekaze1131d ago

I sware I never seen -Foxtrot say a single nice thing in n4g.

-Foxtrot1130d ago

Then your not looking far

Pointless comment by the way