Here Are Our Hopes And Fears For Pokémon Go


This morning, Nintendo and Pokémon developer Game Freak announced a partnership with Niantic Labs to release a Pokémon game with aspirations beyond those of anything Pokémon has done in the mobile space so far.

Pokémon Go is based loosely on the not widely known but successful mobile game, Ingress from Niantic Labs. Ingress has more than one million active users as of May 2014, and is played by physically visiting real-world locations and interacting with virtual portals. Competing teams can coordinate across the globe in order to be successful at the game, and it looks as though Pokémon Go will be borrowing many of these mechanics.

Something similar to Ingress using the Pokémon license seems like a solid overlap, and could be close to the Pokémon MMORPG fans have been dreaming of for years. We’re excited about the game, but also wary of the final product. Here are our hopes and fears for the final product.

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Kamikaze1351133d ago

"Catch rate is 5% with a regular Pokeball. Would you like to use a Great Ball for just $1? How about an Ultra Ball for $2? Master Ball for $5?"

"Celebi event in Tokyo between December 1st - 19th"

Pokemon Go will be an expensive game to play.

Zeref1133d ago

That's kind of the awesome part. Because people in Tokyo won't have the same Pokemon as people in New York. And when they meet they can trade. It makes it more realistic in a Pokemon way. Because that's exactly how the Pokemon world works. You have to travel to see other Pokemon.
But i doubt they'll be that bold though, it probably won't happen.
It'll probably be like you can find every Pokemon in your city. Which doesn't make sense imo.

deadpools_n641133d ago

Blah pay to win. No thanks. But I hope those that decide to go for it have some fun