Gears "perfect for 10 minutes", says GRAW producer

In an interview published on CVG today GRAW 2 content producer Olivier Dauba discussed 360 competitor Gears of War, saying it's "it's an absolutely awesome ten minutes," but "if you play 20 minutes it doesn't bring anything new."

"We try to go beyond that and making something that lasts for quite a few hours," Dauba continues. "It's a different game maybe but in my opinion we're aiming for something deeper and wider with a bigger scope." "We're designing our game as a more long-term experience."

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Gears4328d ago

Juevani you are on a roll now aren't you, finding every anti-360 article you can find. I'm sorry Gears is outselling anything on your beloved PS3, don't be jealous. Gears of War is going to be GAME OF THE YEAR and there is nothing you or any other Sony fanboy can do about it.

Secondly, this guy is obviously trying to pimp GRAW 2 because Gears is sooo good I have beaten the single player twice.


Juevani4328d ago

Dont take it so personal im just postin news if u're not interested u dont have 2 check it out but others may be interested in hearin that GRAW fans f.example..

DJ4328d ago

I'd love to see Epic's response to this.

G_CodeMonkey4327d ago

But then you could also go to the fact that its the most played game on XBL now and has been. I enjoyed GRAW, and will go back to finish it some day, but I have to go play more GoW on-line, and soon to get my FREE downloadable content. gCM

BadTaste4328d ago

Thats just him, i found it a blast; start till end.

Dick Jones4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Just becuase its simple gameplay doesn't = not fun. Actually the more complex you try to make a game usually means it doesn't turn out to be very fun, especially for casual gamers.

2tired2day2hate4328d ago

i owned advanced warfighter for 2 days before i sold it. the game is slow and uneventful. it feels like you are playing in quicksand. gears has outsold graw and theres now doubt in my mind graw2 will in same ways copy gears. whats next? is this guy gonna say halo2 was ok for the campaign i guess but our online play puts it to shame"?