Destiny Update 2.0 Has Me Hooked Again

"When I got home from work yesterday, the Destiny icon was different. Update 2.0 had just finished installing, and the looming silhouette of Oryx, Hive god and Taken king, was peering out at me from behind the Destiny logo. My trophy completion for the game had dropped from 100% to 84% as the new Taken King trophies were added. It was then that I did a crazy thing. I ejected Metal Gear Solid V and put Destiny back into my PS4. The next few hours of my night were filled with a surge of nostalgia of the last year of the game, and exploring all of the new 2.0 update changes in complete awe." - PSLS

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Snookies121135d ago

The 2.0 update is really great so far. I'm liking almost all the changes. I used to be quite against Destiny during its first year, I suppose I was lucky to get the Taken King and the rest of the DLC in one package. I feel for those that had to pay a lot more though, after just buying the base game.

Made it to 20 in two days, trying to power level so I can be ready right when Taken King launches.

Septic1134d ago

Oh ffs....they're reeling me back in

Snookies121134d ago

Haha, but at least they're reeling you back into a more complete game this time...

InTheZoneAC1134d ago

you know when taken king comes out you bundle babies will get 1 character to start at level 25?

Jeff2571134d ago

Everyone who buys The Taken King will get a consumable to raise a character to 25. Good chance to start a new one if you don't have three already.

Snookies121134d ago

Then again, it's really not hard to level quickly. I got my Warlock from level 8 to 30 in two and a half days. It's really not that hard to do, to be honest.

ForzaGT1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

I think the game is more complete, there is so much more content in it now with the update
Time to get stuck in

ninsigma1134d ago

Ditto. Got a lend of it off my friend to tide me over till next week. Back into it now! Forgot how fun the crucible is! Got up to level 34 cap and 150 light points. Love this game. Anyone know if it's worth finishing the upgrade for my bad ju ju exotic pulse rifle?? There's three attack upgrades left to do on it but I'm wondering is it one of the ones that are worth using in year 2. Love the gun but no point in putting the effort in to get the materials if it's going to be obsolete soon!

Need to start building up some sort of a clan as well. I don't have regulars to team up with so I need to get that underway. Anyone on ps4 who's interested, give me a shout :)

Aenea1134d ago

Check the exotic weapon blueprints, I think there's a new 2.0 version of it that you can buy once you hit level 40 (if you have the original Bad Juju that is), all you need is some glimmer, some other easy to get materials and an Exotic Shard...

Guess what I'm gonna stock up on at Xur in a bit? Yes, Exotic Shards...

ninsigma1134d ago

Oh yeah I saw that but didn't really look into it. I won't bother upgrading then and keep my shard for that. Thanks :D

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