5 New Things Coming to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

"Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is right around the corner! However, this collection isn't merely a port of the PS3 versions. Here's 5 new things in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Dan_scruggs1223d ago

truly groundbreaking stuff...

TFJWM1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Your right Uncharted truly is a groundbreaking series!

Dan_scruggs1223d ago

Except the multiplayer. Who needs that right?

madmonkey011222d ago

@above, except it will have the uncharted 4 beta, but i never played the multiplayer anyway.

alabtrosMyster1222d ago

@dan_scruggs I would not know,never used multi-multiplayer in any of them, how is it?

miyamoto1223d ago

Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection launch will be a huge EVENT for the PlayStation Nation because of the MP Beta.

brettnll1223d ago

Can't wait! Praying servers can handle it haha

Bathyj1223d ago

I'm looking forward to the photomode. I expect a lot of Uncharted Memes to start popping up on the net.

Plus this may be the first beta I ever participate in just because I cant wait to see Uncharted 4 running on my own TV, even if it is only multiplayer. Why dont they just give us the gameplay reveal demo, I'd be much happier than that and could spend hours on it.

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chrisco84au1222d ago

Stop with the no MP stuff, every damn thread.
It's the same when people bring up the no split screen in a Halo 5.

There is no MP in Uncharted Collection nor is there split screen in Halo 5, move on and concentrate on the positives of these amazing games. Or continue to whinge about stuff you cannot do anything about, your choice really. The glass can be half full you know, life is so much better that way :)

Cannot wait to pick this up, 3 of the best games of last gen, one of the best games of all time, U2. Heck yes!!!!

Looking like a really good package.

Featuring_Dante1222d ago

You would think by the advancement of technology, it would be easier to include split screen mode and such, but i guess its just a preposterous to require a standard feature in games.

chrisco84au1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I agree split screen and MP in the 2 mentioned games would be GREAT. I'm not oblivious to it.

I was just voicing my opinion on people who focus on purely the negatives all the time without looking at the positives, which 99% of the time out weigh the negatives.

In a perfect world, sure but we know the world isn't perfect, nor are games, enjoy what we have, it's amazing.

As for the advancement in technology, that can also create difficulties that were not present in precious gens or iterations of games, for example, the HCC. It had MP but was broken at launch, yet precious tech handled it fine...... It's give and take.

Also, without sounding like I am disagreeing with you but can we really define 'standard features' in games this gen?
Probably the 3 front runners for GOTY so far, Booodborne, The Witcher 3 and MGSV didn't have split screen. Should they be criticised for this?

SolidDuck1222d ago

No id rather complain that there's no multiplayer. Not even the co op mode. Then not buy it. So they don't have to wonder why there sales are down. If this had uncharted 2 mp, I would be buying it for sure.

Featuring_Dante1222d ago

I can only speak for MGSV, because that game had a vast, but lifeless open world running in perfect smooth 60fps. So it really comes down to which developer is handling the technology.
Nice to know you've taken this subjectively. Its rare to see someone who doesnt get riled up on games and has a fantastic sportsmanship. Nice talking to you!

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