No Man’s Hype: Are We Too Hyped for Hyperspace

Are we too hyped for hyperspace?

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Stevefantisy2143d ago

There have been a lot of space games in the works lately.

3-4-52143d ago

" Are we " ?

No speak for yourself "journalist".

Why do they always think THEY are the voice of the people or that whatever THEY think must somehow be what everyone else is thinking.

Trash journalism and click bait title = no skill

Jacktrauma2143d ago

Elite Dangerous is doing some great stuff by taking it one step at a time, Star Citizen will look amazing and more than likely play well, and No Man's Sky is gonna have a pretty epic size scale to it. It's gonna be a good fight for top dog for sure

no_more_heroes2143d ago

There's another one called Everspace that recently got funded on Kickstarter that's in the ring as well:

Eonjay2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Well when it was rumored that this games is actually open multiverse... my mind exploded.

This is the biggest game ever created; and coordinately larger than all games combined by orders of magnitude. Even though its not infinite, it might as well be.considered that. When the game hits PC, I want someone to make a mod that basically goes from planet to planet and just leave it running... for like 100 years and then lets see how if the program can complete 1% of the game.

mikel10152143d ago

You're too hyped for a shallow game with no objectives, no goals, little to no story or challenge

jb2272143d ago

I may be but I'm even more hyped for the chance to get to try this time machine you seem to have built. Funny how story doesn't matter for mp only games & isn't very important for open world titles, but now story is somehow king when it comes to NMS. Also funny how we've received dozens of articles based around people being too hyped for NMS but we haven't seen a single one trying to keep people's expectations in check for Crackdown 3 & the cloud. Concerns can be lobbed at any title but ultimately the proof happens when these games release...until then it's best to keep any kind of hype in check, be it negative or positive.

iceman062143d ago

The thing is...there ARE goals and objectives. However, the game does not simply point you to one at a time. It's simply open for YOU to progress as you see fit. This choice might be trite and even daunting for some. However, I embrace the idea that I can do what I want...WHEN I want...and how I want within the constraints of the game. What I find funny is that games like Minecraft, Don't Starve, Day Z, and the new Arc game, etc. don't get this flack of "no objectives". They are all types of survival games where the goal really is survival. Well, this is survival on the universal scale.

jb2272142d ago

Very well put. It's obviously a victim of console war bias at this point in many instances, and in the rest its just a victim of unconventional marketing. I personally praise any dev willing to present their game as Hello has presented NMS, but I think they may benefit from just staying silent until its released at this point. The commonality between all of those games you mentioned was that they weren't marketed much beforehand and after launch people just got it. Same will most likely happen here I'd say, once NMS is out in the wild all of these complaints will be silenced as long as the quality of the experience can prove itself. I'm excited for new & different experiences personally, I don't need a marketing team to outline every little move I could potentially make in order for me to get behind a project.

Christopher2143d ago

I'm not hyped for the game. I just love how they are generating the galaxy procedurally. Math geek in me comes out when looking at what they're doing with the game.

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