Six Signs You Can’t Stop Our Digital Future

As other facets of entertainment move further and further away from physical media, the video game industry is slowly but surely following suit. Here are just a few good reasons why gamers better start clearing out some hard drive space.

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Jackhass1132d ago

If physical media was still like it was, with nice cases and well-designed manuals and extras, then yeah, it's great, but most physical games don't actually come with anything any more. Really the only physical games I buy any more or special editions. Otherwise, may as well just download.

Rookie_Monster1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Even though 75% of my console games are on physical disc, I am thinking about migrating to digital like what I have been doing on PC for years now. But the issue is unlike Steam and digital prices for PC games that are always cheaper than the retail copy of the games, on console it is the complete opposite as I can get 20% off on new games from the $30 a year Gamersclub membership from Best buys and getting sale on disc games on the cheap on games that are not worth the full price at launch.

Until digital prices can match up with physical on consoles, I suspect to continue to get the majority of my games of disc. Having said that, there are some cool digital sales on the Live and PSN marketplace once in a while and I do pick up some digital games on sale from time to time like Sunset Overdrive and the definitive edition of Tom Raider.