Why Season Passes Suck & Have Gotta’ Stop

Why studios shouldn't hype up DLC before it's even announced.

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-Foxtrot2151d ago

I hate how they don't add them within the Collectors Editions most of the time.

Every Limited or Collectors edition should come with a Master DLC code which allows you to download every single piece of content from other editions, pre order or future content.

MrSwankSinatra2151d ago

Why would publishers do that? They know they can just exploit people such as yourself who buy overpriced and cheaply made collectors editions, along with season passes as well.

hiredhelp2151d ago

Problem is If they stop doing Season passes we go back to price hike DLC packs,I hate season passes as much as DLC on basis that I belieave DLC should be given out as a thankyou Which once it was.. I Much more prefer to buy into a expansion than DLC and yeh limited editions special Editions many dont come with season passes Some yeh if your willing shell out double but thats marketing scam for you make you think your getting deal when actually your not.

Does anyone here miss unlockable content as reward for completing games?