Jimmy Kimmel and Gamers Being Oversensitive

Destructoid takes a closer look at the whole Jimmy Kimmel incident that occurred two weeks ago and finds out what makes Gamers so sensitive.

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user99502791186d ago

gamers being sensative??? no!!

Who knew that the vocal minority that populates internet comment sections are by-and-large a bunch of overtly cynical byches. Certainly not I!

-Foxtrot1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Over-sensitive lol

We just don't like the fact some douche bag is trying his hardest to make a joke out of something within the gaming industry which isn't funny.

We are trying to get more people to take gaming seriously, not let people like this who don't even play them, exploit it for a cheap laugh

MrSwankSinatra1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

If you got mad at Jimmy Kimmel then you ARE oversensitive. While making fun of people who watch others play games was just a mediocre joke, the reaction from people like you definitely was very funny. Which I think was Jimmy's intention all along.

If you honestly want to be taken seriously then grow thick skin, because getting mad over a mediocre joke shows how insecure people like you actually are.

-Foxtrot1186d ago

It's not the point of being "oversensitive", the guy just tried to make a funny, forced it and it blew up in his face

MrSwankSinatra1186d ago

@-Foxtrot Blew up in his face how? You honestly think someone like Jimmy Kimmel loses sleep because a bunch of oversensitive people got mad at a mediocre joke? He's probably still laughing his ass off right now LOL.

Sunny_D1185d ago

Please don't condone death threats, threats to his family, and other vulgar acts as "blowing up in his face." The very next show he did about the Star wars toys had him make a joke about Star Wars fans. But, do you hear them going crazy?

hay1185d ago

I don't think Kimmel writes his own jokes.

Dee_Cazo1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Yeah, it is funny. You are watching people do something that you could literally do yourself.

It's no different than when comedians make fun of people for watching the golf channel for being boring.

Or watching the national spelling bee.

Hate to break it to Twitch Gamers but them being offended and causing a riot is no different than what feminists, soccer moms, or political correct advocates do.

You have the right to be offended, but that's where it begins and ends.

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DragonbornZ1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

There are some incredibly sensitive gamers, but I also don't think all the responses were just from them and my opinion is in line with yours.

There are some, but Jimmy came off a bit dickish about this (can I say that on N4g? O_o)
Even in his video where Markiplier and MissesMae try to explain to Jimmy about why people watch let's plays Jimmy was making jokes and acting like a prick.

He's a comedian so I guess he's supposed to make jokes and biz, but he came off like an ass imo. Would've been nice if he just laid off trying to make a joke for a bit.

gangsta_red1185d ago

He's playing for an audience and that is his shtick. It doesn't help that the response he received was way overboard and extremely immature.

The gaming community i.e. the internet gave him enough material to last for a good long time. I can imagine him going back to that well whenever ratings get low or they run out of material.

wsoutlaw871185d ago

"We are trying to get more people to take gaming seriously", WE arent trying to do anything but play games because i like to play games. I couldnt care less about anything kimmel says or how people perceive gaming. Gaming isnt some tiny minority anymore.

LAWSON721185d ago

My thoughts exactly I don't give two s**** what people think about the games I play.

wsoutlaw871185d ago

That being said watching people play games on YouTube is flat out stupid and i agree with him

fanboysmackdown1185d ago

No, makes you come across as a crybaby and Kimmel hit the nail. I could never sit to watch somebody play games on Twitch or Youtube and anyone who takes offense to what he said is an immature little nose picker. Wow, grow some skin already.

donthate1185d ago

You as one of the gamers reacting to this is being professionally trolled!

Keep at it, and Kimmel will just keep going at it too.

Qrphe1185d ago

He didn't make fun of "gaming" but of those who follow streamers.Even then, reacting to this at all with reactions of neither indifference nor laughter makes you oversensitive.

freshslicepizza1185d ago

lighten up. and no it didn't blow up in his face, gamers are trying to portray it that way which again goes to show how sensitive some are over such silly things as playing games.

think of it, we have people who love watching twitch, nothing wrong with that but then you have groups out there who contradict this and say they support the notion companies block it at times to prevent spoilers. we have a community that can't even control their own vices.

this guy showed how we pay $60 to buy games only to want to watch others play it. people used to do that in the arcades because they were amazed how good they were but more importantly it cost money to play. now we can do what we want in our homes and all he did was show how some are still willing to sit there and eat popcorn watching some idiot commentate in places like twitch while they play.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1186d ago

Jimmey Kimmel was trolling the whiniest of gamers (you know, the ones who whine about 1080p, 60fps, DLC, Pre-Orders, ect) and they all fell for it...

Flyingdog6701186d ago

Exactly, they all took the bait and made themselves look worse.

donthate1185d ago


At least if you reacted to what Kimmel said, you know what you are. :D

1381185d ago

Picking on people who have likely been picked on throughout most of their lives. Gaming may have become trendy in the last decade or so, but there's still a very large base of social outcasts. You're salting wounds of young people, more often than not.

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