Awesome Battlefield 4 flank gets player 20 kills in 30 seconds

One of the best flanks ever in Battlefield 4 gets a player 20 kills in just 30 seconds.

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Number_91134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

so spawn camping-ish? I can't be sure, yet to play bf4

starrman19851133d ago

No, not a spawn camp. That's one of the major choke-hold points on that map. He flanked them as the description said!

DragoonsScaleLegends1133d ago

No but it does show how bullshit shotguns are and why they should be removed from every FPS.

madforaday1133d ago

I was thinking the same thing, in a video game, a shotgun should never kill someone that far away, the first kill he gets is just ridiculous. I am hoping the guy only had a sliver of health.

raWfodog1133d ago

To me, that looked like more of the fault of the other team than anything. They were all focused on one direction instead of covering their flank(s).

Majin-vegeta1133d ago

Wait so they should be removed cuz someone who saw an opportunity to wreak havoc took it??lol you must be one of those in the forums begging for shotties to be nerfed.

Christopher1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

@Majin-vegeta: What a leap of logic. They should be fixed so that they aren't so lethal at that range, at the least. Outside of 10 feet, in plain clothes, most shotguns aren't going to kill the average person. These guys are in armor and they're getting one-hit killed by it. Let alone the whole concept of how fast it reloads and fires is not normal. It's just very poor balancing of a weapon with that much power by giving it that much range and reload speed.

I'm going to assume people say to remove them because no game has yet to really get them right.

The whole issue is a sign of how TTK is, IMHO, ruining shooters because the focus is on fast kills and no other strength of a weapon matters other than how fast it can kill in online shooters now. And developers overpower items by giving them ways to get better TTK ratings.

lvl_headed_gmr1133d ago

I don't mind shotguns in games but the shotguns in BF4 are over powered and too accurate for a close range weapon shot at mid to long range distance.

Hote the shottie's in BF.

Captain_TomAN941133d ago

LOL GIT GUD!!! Shotguns are powerful in close quarters. I bet you are one of those idiots who thinks sniper rifles shouldn't be in games either.

If it were up to you all we would have is the same assault rifle re-skinned 20 times. I'm glad you aren't the one making decisions.

TheTrokster1133d ago

@Chirstopher There are barrels that will give you a six inch grouping on a 12 gauge shotgun at 20 yards, with buckshot. Well, over 10 feet (6 times that). Depending on the size of the shot, that's like being hit with multiple 9mm rounds simultaneously. So let's not get ridiculous. In fact, with slugs a shotgun's effective range can be pushed out to 100 yards on a stationary target.

However, shotguns do seem pretty OP in games and they can go suck a fat one. I'm not saying add realism, cause if you did you'd be seeing some crazy shit going on in games like a one hit kill with a slug at 50 yards, or a one hit kill at 20 yards with buckshot, I'm saying tone that shit down and balance it for fun. I don't want to hit you multiple times with a rifle round in the head from about 20 yards before you die, while someone can pull that kind of stuff.

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jc121133d ago

That shotgun has waaaay too much range for sure...

corroios1133d ago

Damn, This dude is a crazy ace!!!! OMG

USMC_POLICE1133d ago

What a noob nice shot gun and auto pistol.

USMC_POLICE1133d ago

And his top weapon is a shotgun...I'm not saying I'm better but a shotgun takes a lot less skill then a rifle.

sourav931133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Yes, but if you look again, he's got almost as many kills, with a brilliant K/D ratio, with the ACE 23, which is an assault rifle. Being good with a so-called "noob" weapon doesn't mean they're bad with all other weapons.

I don't know this guy, nor do I support his channel or his cause (if he has one?), but I'm tired of people calling others noobs because they're good with a weapon that's easy (depending on skill) to get kills with. The weapon was made available to use by the devs, so it is completely in their merit to use the weapon. If you think it's unfair/noobish, then use the same weapon and show him/her that you're better, thus proving to them that "yes, he/she IS a noob".

MRoONEPINCHx1133d ago

one shotting people with that gun from that far ? wtf ?

Neixus1133d ago

probably plays on a Hardcore server, which means everyone has less health.

FITgamer1133d ago

Not hardcore. No cross hairs in hardcore and when you spot people the little triangle doesn't show up above their head.

Neixus1133d ago


You can enable what features you want, you can have the server exactly the same as normal, but with Hardcore health :)

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