AMD is Self-Destructing: Financials, Reorgs, and Public Relations

GamersNexus: "AMD is indisputably the most threatened silicon manufacturer in the gaming space. It is also critical to the stability of competitive advancement. The company exhibited a year-over-year revenue decline of 22% in 4Q14, with its PC segment – not differentiated between CPUs and GPUs – falling an additional 15% over its previous quarter. The PC segment lost approximately $56mm in 4Q14, following a $17mm loss in 3Q14. More recently, JPR showed a 26% quarterly decline in GPU sales for AMD, a bigger hit than the usual mid-year 6.86% decline. A lack of specificity between GPUs, CPUs, and APUs ensures limited visibility to the company's anchors, making it difficult to determine which segments are the worst-performing."

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FlexLuger1134d ago

Wow. I would have thought that having deals for the Xbox, PS4 and nintendo's hardware would have kept them afloat. Perhaps the time for that rumoured buyout buy MS will come, after all.

Roccetarius1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

It just shows what Nvidia said about the deals were true, and that there was little to be made for them in the console space. Whatever agreements AMD made with MS, Sony and Nintendo must've been pretty low.

never4get1133d ago

AMD should release 8 core Jaguar CPU for PC ASAP!