Rock Bander Bangs Metallica, Only 99% Awesome

Ripten writes:

"I can't do that shit. I suck. I can barely bang out an Easy song on drums. This guy totally grabs all the rock manliness I ever hoped to attain in my life and wipes turds on it. All I can hope to achieve now is to have lots of sex with my hot wife. On that note…"

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Twizlex4324d ago

"That guy is Fantastic!" hahaha!

Nostradavis4324d ago

The drums in Rockband are insane. Just go play some real drums.

Totaldefense04324d ago

i've gotten 99% on this song on drums on expert before as well but i've seen this guy's videos and he really is awesome

redwingsrock4323d ago

note he is playing on a ps3

Twizlex4323d ago

What difference does that make?

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The story is too old to be commented.