August 2015 PlayStation Store Charts: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rocket League & Until Dawn Are Strong on PS4


Compiling the PlayStation Store sales charts for August 2015, Sony has revealed that Madden NFL 16 was #1 in North America on PlayStation 4, while Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture was #1 on PS4 in Europe.

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uth111159d ago

How can Rocket League have charted higher than Until Dawn when Rocket League was free the prior month? Did that many people miss out on it?

TFJWM1159d ago

Well Rocket League was getting alot of press and I guess alot of word of mouth sales. It is weird thou that that many people missed out on it.

I'm thinking reviews and word of mouth with push up Until Dawn for a few sales this month as well

IamTylerDurden11159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Ru kidding? Rocket League is extremely hot and in August they started selling a DLC expansion. It also had the entire month to garner sales.

Until Dawn came out August 25th, it had 1 week to chart sales. It also released in more than just Europe and NA. Until Dawn really picked up towards the end of the first week and onward after all the positive reviews and word of mouth.

Until Dawn sells the vast majority through physical retail, most ppl will buy it in the store (ie gamestop). Rocket League is digital only, so all sales will be via PSN. If Until Dawn was a digital-only game i'd be shocked, but it's not.