Confirmed: Mega Man 9 in September, Original Mega Man Hits VC Monday 8/4

Ripten writes:

"Those who hunger for retro Mega Man goodness will be happy to know that Mega Man 1 hits Nintendo's VC this Monday, and the much anticipated Mega Man 9 will be available in September. The quoted portion below is directly from the official Capcom blog."

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Twizlex3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Can't say I'm all that excited to re-buy a game I beat like 20 years ago, but more power to 'em. Although they didn't mention a price, so maybe it's free?

Nostradavis3758d ago

why not? money is overrated.

incogneato3758d ago

Agreed. It's absolutely ridiculous that they would even charge money for this game. They're giving it release dates as if it actually would take a significant amount of time to make this garbage, lmao.

Mega Man 9, oh wow. I feel bad for anyone who's going to pay $10 for a 20 year old game. Mega Man 9 should have been an HD 2D modern Mega Man game.

Idonthatejustcreate3758d ago

I agree with most of you, this game should atleast be in 16-bit snes Megaman X graphics.

wtf are they paying for?

Sevir043758d ago

september.. playing this 8bit behemoth in 1080p... thats almost creepy thinking that an 8-bit graphics game can be output at 1080p... LOL!!! it's a first day purchase on the PSN

g3nkie3758d ago

I already got both the Mega Man collections for PS2. Now all I want is 9. :)

Nostradavis3758d ago

maybe it will be a free download...Mega Man 1 that is.

Silogon3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Emulate Mega man 1 and then make a copy of the rom and then edit that rom and make your own Mega Man game. I did. I have a 6 level megaman game I made myself.

Edit: That was quick.

I guess you can't link to rapidshare here? Wtf???

KidMakeshift3758d ago

How long do you think it took Capcom to make Mega Man 9?

A week?

I probably could make the exact game with the "Mega Man: Powered Up" level editor

I want a real Mega Man game for console. I'd even be happy with a Legends 3

Nostradavis3758d ago

You honestly think it took them a week? Wow.

KidMakeshift3758d ago

You know I'm exaggerating

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