New Game, Old Console Part 1: JRPGs and Upgraded Systems

In part one of this new series at Gaming Rebellion, Aggro Sky discusses his experience growing up with JRPGs and also his adult life, bringing his retro consoles into the future via modding. This desire has led him to seek out "new games on old consoles" and what it actually takes to create them in an era of Playstation 4 and XBox One. Is there a market for games created for long dead systems?

This is a story about his experience rediscovering and reinventing these old games for a new millennium and is part one of a four part series. If you are into JRPGs, console mods, perfect picture quality and fun animated GIFS, you should find something to like in this article.

*Word of warning, this article is best viewed on a desktop due to extremely large animated GIFS*

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