The Witcher 3 Expansion Hearts of Stone Will Have New Witcher Gear; PS4 Pre-Order Theme Revealed

After the reveal of The Witcher 3‘s expansion Hearts of Stone, new information is trickling down the grapevine, and today is no exception.

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psplova1137d ago

So I assume if you purchased the season pass, you get this too?

Snookies121137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I was wondering the same thing, lol. Looks like you do get it along with the season pass.

shammgod1137d ago

i hope so...doesnt make sense if we dont

Abriael1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

You do. It should already be in your download list. If it isn't, it will be.

FPSRUSSIA1137d ago

yeah you do go to playstation store search witcher 3 go to add on and press pro order hearts of stones should be free

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Kalebninja1137d ago

Hoping for more hairstyles.

Anghellic1136d ago

DLC for single player games is all bad

Meltic1136d ago

Ive played more than 100+ hours of this game and i normaly dont play SP games more than 40-50 hours. But i'm not playing this game anymore. I dont have the hype or anymore fun with this game anymore. Tried to play yesterday just for fun. But i already know Everything and im good at the game so its not fun anymore.

Right now im trying to finish both Mad Max, MGSTP and batman for it's fixed for PC. Cant handle them all lol. Still have 2 more Days on my vacation