Super Mario Maker 1.0.1 Patch Changes Unlocking System

GS:" A few months ago, it was revealed that not all content of Super Mario Maker was going to be available at launch. Weeks later, Nintendo revealed that not all of the game's tools would be available at the beginning of the game, with players having to play the game for a short amount of time for nine days to unlock everything. While interesting on paper, many didn't like this system and voiced their concerns. Now it seems like Nintendo listened to its fans and has introduced some changes to this system with the first Super Mario Maker patch."

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R00bot1133d ago

Good patch, sucks that it came after some reviews already docked points from it for this.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1132d ago

not like a 50 or more people who reviewed it mattered

pivotplease1132d ago

I've always preferred unlockables. I realize the focus is on creation and playing the communities maps, but everyone would have had all the tools eventually anyway. If anything having no unlockables takes away from a game's longevity. I wouldn't play LBP nearly as long without them. The reviewers probably just complained because reviews involve time constraints that made it impossible for them to see everything in the game.

Skate-AK1132d ago

I also like unlockables. If I have every trophy and unlock, I no longer play the game. Even if it is multiplayer.

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3-4-51132d ago

* This is a good thing.

Making people wait 9 days is kind of insulting.

It's saying " hey we don't think you will understand this enough in 9 days to use all the parts"

WEll...we aren't 5 years old so I think we can handle it, and Nintendo finally realized this.

* Instead of getting new pieces every day, you get them every 15 minutes.

I think they initially underestimated how smart & creative most gamers can be.

Either way, win for Nintendo fans.

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Gemmol1132d ago

My cousin love this game, loves it a lot, I guess Nintendo did their thing again making a quality game

MrBrofist1132d ago

I still want Boom Boom and Koopalings in. Also those athletic themes from SM3,World and U are missing.

Also hope we get more background choices/themes like deserts sky, snow, jungle ect.
Here's hoping dlc

acekaze1132d ago

Technicly the SMB2 you knew never existed, Long story short,
americans thought the original smb2 released in japan was to similiar to the 1 one, so they replaced the game in america with a game called Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki PaniC and renamed it to Super Mario Bros 2.

So for a japanese, wouldnt make much sense for SMB2 that you know to be within mario maker.

M3TR01DFANBOY1132d ago

Smb2 was released in japan as mario USA. Besides doki doki started off as a mario game.

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MrBrofist1131d ago

SMB2 would not work because the mechanics are drastically different than the others and won't mix well when switching between styles

RyanDJ1130d ago

I don't care about the style switch. Just make the Shyguys turn into Goombas, or let them get squished in other modes. We already have the doors showing up in Mario 1. It could be done.