Shut up and take my money, but are annual game releases a good thing?

Mark from GamersFTW writes his opinion on whether or not annual game releases are a good thing.

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MrsNesbitt1186d ago

It's unfortunate that some games become a 'conveyer belt' series. I mean I LOVED CoD 4 I cannot remember a CoD game since then that I even liked.
I can cope with bugs that come along with Bethesda's games, purely because of what they offer. CoD and the others, not so much.

Great article :)

Army_of_Darkness1186d ago

This is no different from those "passionate" people waiting for the latest annual iphone release, except the only difference is that games are hundreds of dollars cheaper so it ain't that bad in comparison.... Unless you're obsessed about both??! then your just crazy... But hey, if you worked hard for your doe, buy whatever makes you smile ;-)

In terms of creativity, don't expect anything major in terms of changes or improvements.

MrsNesbitt1186d ago

Whatever works for the masses eh? :)

Army_of_Darkness1186d ago

Yup, that's business bro. These annual releases are no mistake. Companies go with what sells and apparently, people like yearly minor upgrades.

Eonjay1186d ago

If you enjoy games like COD, Ass Creed and FOrza, then yes it can be a good thing... but I think that games like Halo, Uncharted and the Witcher are much more exciting because they don't come every year.

FITgamer1186d ago

No they suck. Especially for sports games. Just update the roster and release the game every 3 years. It's not like those games get noteworthy improvements from year to year.

Hoffmann1186d ago

Especially when the engine is the same one like in the last 5 years anyway. Just think at the WWE games.

yezz1186d ago

I prefer annual releases for Fifa because the game does improve every year. That said, the improvements are so minor that it's nowhere near worth the 60-70€ that I have to pay. It's also a joke that we have to pay extra for Euro and World Cup tournament modes when they're being played.

An annual release of a 30€ game would be rational..

FallenAngel19841186d ago

They are for certain group of gamers. If they weren't then they wouldn't sell as well and fall out of favor just like Rock Band and Guitar Hero did after 2010

Yukes1186d ago

A good thing for publishers but we gamers are just being taken for a ride. Unfortunately the majority seem to fall for it :(

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The story is too old to be commented.