Where Has All The Split-Screen Gone?

There appears to be a disturbing trend in video games recently – a lack of competitive split-screen. This has come to the attention of many since it was announced that Halo 5: Guardians will not have split-screen multiplayer. Through reading online comments, Toby can say that he is not alone in saying that the best Halo experiences were playing it with your family and friends, crammed around the television, laughing in their face as chaos ensues. Now people all over the world have spent a ludicrous amount of money on four controllers for their Xbox One, and for what? Back in the day we were given competitive split-screen in games that didn’t need it (Metroid Prime 2, he is looking at you), but now game developers seem less and less enthused with the mode.

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FallenAngel19841187d ago

We still have a considerable amount of games that still feature local multiplayer

Rimeskeem1187d ago

The only ones that come to mind are the usuals, CoD, MCC, Rocket League, etc. Now Halo is getting rid of it but Battlefront will have it. I still think more games should implement splitscreen.

MysticStrummer1186d ago

Don't worry. A little while ago I read a comment that said people who like split screen play are a "vocal minority". The silent majority apparently prefers moving TVs together for local play.


OT - "They believe that inferior graphical fidelity will negatively impact sales of their game, so it is not worth their money to invest in creating a mode that will have lower quality graphics, at a lower framerate and resolution"

That could be, but they also might simply not want to take the time. More and more games seemingly get patches on day one, probably because as the platforms get more powerful the games are more complex to make, but whatever the reason if they're having trouble getting the basic game to work properly for release they won't want to work on extra modes, especially ones that impact the graphics which split screen normally does.

Angeljuice1186d ago

The ONLY reason is to make more money from selling more copies (one for each player).

wheresmymonkey1186d ago

Want local multiplayer? Buy a WiiU. Pretty simply solution really.

Angeljuice1186d ago

What if you want local multi-player on a decent console?

wheresmymonkey1186d ago

I just told you buy a WiiU. It's a decent console. Especially for local multiplayer.

Movieworld1183d ago

I tried buying a Wii U, after a year I had to sell it and get a PS4 due to the lack of third party support and mature 1st party towards the end.

Inzo1186d ago

That is a f*^#ng good question!

TLG19911186d ago

Rocket league comes to mind..

thing is most people playing split screen now have internet, if you have internet would you rather play on half a screen or your own full screen.

gone are the days when you was asked to bring your multitap to add more controllers XD

Tempest3171186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

So when my friends come over, you're saying that they should have to bring console/television/games over to my house just so we can play together? Instead of just coming over with nothing and playing split-screen? No thanks.

TLG19911186d ago

That is not even close to what I was saying.

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