DKS3713: First Published Character Illustration of Square Enix titles

Here is the first published character illustration, in which we can clearly recognize some of the characters from the new Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles. (Click on the 'Each caravan illustrations' link )

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jamilion4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

those articles about yesterday being the last day weren't true.
On topic
The link just leads to a web page, how credible is this source?


cp684324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

It's the same source that brought you almost all the news yesterday first, because it is live-blogging the event.

EDIT: About your edit, i strongly advise you to stop believing anything written on forums. You and i both know that we MIGHT get a 'shock' announcement today, so all sources are removing any pieces of evidence so that we REALLY get shocked. The day isn't over yet, it's only 2.33pm in patient.

jamilion4324d ago

i meant the link, its just like ""
but im pretty sure they are credible

cp684324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

it' an image's the link inside the news article so it can only be credible.

soul4323d ago

Dude, this is fan art. S-E did not release any details about the new characters which we clearly see in these drawings.

the_bebop4323d ago

Even if this is someone else drawings I like the first look of what I assume is the actual look of the female Knight, not the CGI pre-rendered version but a real time model.