DICE explains Fighter Squadron’s extreme importance to Star Wars Battlefront

The development team at DICE is doing their best to bring the essence of Star Wars to Battlefront, and one of the most important modes in the game is Fighter Squadron.

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Nodoze1161d ago

SPACE SPACE SPACE SPACE. Make the battles in SPACE. That would appease the fans.

SteamPowered1161d ago

Time for a straight up new Rogue Squadron.

Nodoze1161d ago

1000% agree. Seeing the fighter mode made me think the same thing. Going to have to hook the Gamecube up to play through those again.

3-4-51161d ago

I'm probably in the minority but I prefer Planet based battles with Beautiful landscapes to bland space battles.

* You get a greater sense of speed when you are near an object, just like how when driving, the close you are to the road, the faster it feels, well the closer you are the the ground or too mountains, the faster it feels.

We get that ^ instead of bland boring space battles.

MOST of Star Wars takes place on planets anyways.

gangsta_red1161d ago

I'm just glad they have air battles! Can't wait!

SirBillyBones1160d ago

The flight mechanics in the Alpha were absolutely appalling. Unless they've drastically altered the controls then people aren't going to be impressed. Prepare yourselves for potential disappointment.

Yukonsbud1160d ago

Its probably going to feel like BF4 which should be good.

Pandamobile1160d ago

The flight mechanics aren't like BF4's at all.

Yukonsbud1160d ago

One or two space maps the rest planet. All they gotta do.

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