New Yakuza game to be announced on September 15

The official Japanese portal for the Yakuza series was updated today with the above image.

The file name for the new image is button-new_title.jpg, and September 15 is the date of SCEJA Press Conference 2015, where Sony and third-party Japanese developers annually announce a slew of new PlayStation titles.

2015 marks the 10th anniversary for the Yakuza series, which first launched as Ryuu Ga Gotoku in Japan in December 2005.

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Travis37081160d ago

What's this like the 6th or 7th one?

uptownsoul1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

In addition to the announcement...Please, Please localize Yakuza Ishin(PS4) & Yakuza Zero(PS4) for the west!!!!!!!

Kal-V31160d ago

I hear Yakuza 0 is great. I'd love to play that.

Hoffmann1160d ago

If the Samurai games count too, its the 10th or 11th one already

Nwah1160d ago

SO HYPE! I hope they bring whatever it is to the west. (Unless it's a mobile game, in that case just trash it.)

Why o why1159d ago



anything western and on ps4 would please the zeff out of me

georeo1159d ago

Bring it to the west? That's a good one (Cry's inside)

S2Killinit1160d ago

Awwww MAN i THINK its a new Yakuza for PS4!

1160d ago
1160d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.