How TVs Will Get Much, Much Flatter

A paper-thin HDTV that covers a whole wall? Believe it. OLEDs are coming--not quickly, but when they do, LCD and plasma are doomed.

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Breakfast3818d ago

Ya...what happens when i leave my door open, and the wind punches a whole threw my paper thin tv...? thanks.

Thin is in....but i dont like anorexics.

Overr8ed3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

word on the Anorexics part. But OLCD are really good because it uses Organic light which waste less energy and the picture actually looks great. I don't think that we are completely ready for OLCD's yet i think about 3 or years then we can see OLCD's in the market selling high.

The_Firestarter3818d ago

I remember seeing OLED TVs at CES in January. They were showcasing a 27" model and it was beautiful!

I hope it doesn't take too long for that model to hit the markets. I just wouldn't want that tiny 11" OLED TV they're selling right now, not big enough.