Final Fantasy V Steam Trailer Released; Game Ships Digitally 9/24

EB: Square Enix has released a trailer for Final Fantasy V’s Steam release, which is set to take place on September 24, 2015.

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1137d ago
Myst-Vearn1137d ago

I have always loved FFV and think it's very underrated by fans and SE themselves. How many remakes/ports did IV get? V gets no love.

Shinuz1137d ago

It is definitely one of my favorite FF games, and this version looks awesome.

Hoffmann1137d ago

Nah thank you, I'll stick to the GBA version.

WildArmed1137d ago

Finally, FFV!!!

This game was seriously lost in the transition between east and west.

FFV is a great game, and this is a good as excuse as any to play it again.