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OnlySP: Forza Motorsport 5 was a bit of a letdown for hardcore fans of the series. As a launch title, the game was a stripped down version of what most have come to expect from a Forza game. There were less cars, less tracks, no night-time races and no weather effects to speak of. Luckily for you, Forza 6 includes twice the amount of cars its predecessor had (450 to be exact), as well as 25 different tracks, night-time races and physically-based weather effects.

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Foehammer1135d ago

"Turn 10 has remedied and improved upon just about everything you could ask for. "

Great score.

You have to give Turn10 props for getting a quality racing game (F5) out at launch on a new console. It takes time to develop cars and tracks at this level of detail, and Turn10 was the only developer to meet the deadline.

Now that they have the assets in place I expect to them build upon them; along with Playground Games.