Is it Me, or Is Metal Gear Solid V an Incredibly Repetitive Game?

OnlySP: I already have my protective shields up for the incoming onslaught of nasty comments that I will inevitably receive for writing this editorial, but I feel it needs to be said.

Metal Gear Solid V, to me, is an incredibly repetitive game. That is not to say it is a bad game, because it is not. It really is a fantastic game and fully deserving of all the praise it has been receiving. At the same time, I feel many critics completely glossed over the repetitiveness of the game.

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the_dark_one2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

yep feel the same way. worst part is that every time we want to go to start some far way mission, i either have to walk, or horse or vehicle. but most times i just call the heli which take like forever to get to landing zone, then get to the aerial command center, and then chose where i want to go next, and that takes a long long time. i wish they could do like in mother base where when you call the heli and get on it, it stay awhile and can select another landing zone on the mother base, but on the battlefield

C4rnos2152d ago

Best way to fast travel is taking all of the camp delivery manifests- should be a big brightly coloured platform in each of the bases, simply "box up" on one of these and choose a destination; you must have collected the note in each camp before you can fast travel to the respective place though- might alleviate your issue somewhat :)

I'd like to mention that the repetitiveness isn't *that* much of a flaw but it doesn't feel like an MGS game due to the lack of story exposition and there's a LOT less dialogue from/with Snake compared to previous games.

the_dark_one2152d ago

Oh thank you for that imformation i had no idea about it, real helpfull.

And about the repetiveness for me is kinda because of the way i play, i like to be stealthly for most part unless i was discovered, and i end up using the same strategys for all missions. And ya its a very good game, but really feel it isnt the mgs that we know and love, the codec talks, and the more progressive storytelling, cause i end up doing just side missions and the story stay stall,

Razmossis2152d ago

Did you play the one were you rescue a guy?

StanLee2152d ago

I love it but then again I loved clearing mercenary camps in Far Cry 3 and 4. I think it's a lot of freedom. Yes the end game may be the same but how you approach it can be as different as your imagination.

molsen812152d ago

It doesn't feel like a MGS game because of all of the RPG stuff. It's very similar to Peace Walker which can steer some fans in the other direction.

BeefCurtains2151d ago

A game like this just leaves so much to your imagination, which is great. The missions might be somewhat repetitious, but how you handle them is where the variety comes in.

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flyingwombat332152d ago

I will definitely agree with this. That's my biggest complaint about the game. Generally, it's not that big of a problem because it's usually designed in such a way where a collection of several main missions are very close together, but once you get into just doing a bunch of side ops, sometimes they're really far apart and it seems silly that you can't just take your helicopter over there instead of having to go through to separate load screens AND the helicopter rides AND the sortie again. Not to mention, the world really is not designed to accommodate driving from one end of the map to the other. The vehicles feel like they're there to move between spaces during a mission, not traverse the entire map (since in some areas of Afghanistan you can get caught on rocks and be rendered unable to move).

Scatpants2152d ago

The fast travel is through the shipping points in the camps, not through your helicopter. That is like medium travel not fast travel.

flyingwombat332152d ago

@scatpants I know, but if you're going to tell me that that system isn't horribly explained I'll laugh at you. Not to mention, even though I was grabbing those tickets every time I saw them, since the locations aren't marked on the map it is sometimes difficult to find them even after you collect the tickets.

Tito082152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

That system isn't in any way horribly explained, you're the one who needs to be laughed at, btw, how do you expect to go on multiple missions on helicopter, that is absurd, you're in a friggin warzone, the Middle East, did you expect it to be like GTA? This game is designed on stealth and infiltration, you're in enemy territory, a helicopter could easily be taken down. Btw, wtf are you talking about by tickets? What tickets seriously? It sounds to me you haven't played it to be complaining about its design.

solidboss072152d ago

If you take out all enemy mobile air radar stations then you will open up landing zones practically on top of the objective.

fitfox2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

It's a stealth game, what did you expect? tetris or galaga sections?

Wingsfan242152d ago

Yup. That is exactly what I expected from the game. /s

Scatpants2152d ago

I expected Dig Dug and Burger TIme.

iceman062152d ago

2 of my favorite arcade classics right there!!!

2pacalypsenow2152d ago

every other MGS except for PW was not repetitive , new areas to explore and advancing story

MysticStrummer2152d ago

All games are repetitive imo, but this one gives you more options than most for choosing how you want to complete a mission. The more weapons and items you develop the more true that is.

flyingwombat332152d ago

I don't find it repetitive during the main story, but once you start grinding side-ops and whatnot it definitely gets a little repetitive. It also can be more or less repetitive depending on how you play—the game leaves a lot of decisions about how to tackle things up to the player, so you can get really creative in terms of your approaches. Actually, one of my favorite things about the game is how simple the objectives are. It's always, "Get to this document", or "Kill this guy", or "Destroy this thing", or whatever. This simplicity in objectives really forces you to critically analyze the situation from afar and decide what the best course of action is for risk and reward. The objectives (in the main story at least) are just varied enough to force you to constantly change your approach, and just simple enough to allow you to really make it your own.

I won't deny that once you get into the end-game, it definitely becomes a grind, but that's true of any game with an end game. Those first thirty hours have a lot of amazing variety, in my opinion.

Me-Time2152d ago

mgs games always make you feel awesome after completing one.

Me-Time2152d ago

I have to say I know what you mean by the simplicity of the objectives. one objective with many ways to find a solution and/or grand entrance.

Clown_Syndr0me2152d ago

Yes most overhyped game this gen. Bored of it after first 20 missions and a million side ops.

Me-Time2152d ago

good for you man. I'm proud of you for trying. both sarcastically and not

StrawberryDiesel4202152d ago

I have to agree, for me MGS4 was much more stunning and that came out in 2008. I'm not nearly as blown away by MGS5. The boss battles in MGS4 were awesome, specifically against Raging Raven. Also, I felt like this would be in competition with Bloodborne for game of the year, as it stands now I only see Fallout 4 being the only real competition for GOTY against Bloodborne in my mind.

joaovictorop2152d ago

I agree with you, this game is extremely overhyped, so overhyped that seems that it will with the Game of the Year, what I think it is atrocious. This game is very repetitive and the sceneries are very blend and uninspiring. The Witcher 3 is a lot better game and sure deserves to win the GOTY or Fallout that must be incredible.

SniperControl2152d ago

I haven't touched it in days, bored stiff with it, think i made it to mission 15 before i stopped playing it.
I am a massive MGS fan, really disappointed with this game.

MysticStrummer2152d ago

Watch Dogs is still easily the most overhyped game to date in this generation imo.

As for MGS5 I'm loving it. Gameplay wise it's (again imo) far and away the best of the series. Story wise (so far at least) it's not the best, but the reason I always come back for more Metal Gear is the stealth gameplay against that distinctive AI. Those two things are stellar in this game.

Bloodborne is still my GotY so far though.

WellyUK2152d ago

It's not overhyped it's overrated...

Professor_K2152d ago

20 missions is good while

Clown_Syndr0me2152d ago

Not really, it's under half way. It's rare I don't see a game through but this is really boring.

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