SQUARE ENIX announce Final Fantasy V coming to PC

SQUARE ENIX have today announced that FINAL FANTASY V will be available on Steam on September 24th. Originally released in 1992, FINAL FANTASY V weaves a classic tale of magic, monsters and friendship as players follow four unlikely heroes tied together by fate who embark on a journey to restore life to the world’s four elemental crystals.

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Razputin1135d ago

I have a suggestion for Square Enix, why not just tell which FF games you won't be porting to PC.

They've found a decent audience/market on the PC for their games an d have released what half of the FF library as it is.

Why not just tell us which ones you can't or won't because of licensing deals.

I'd love to see all their back catalog of their jRPGs.

Magicite1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

At this rate all FF games might eventually come to PC (except 9, 10 and 12).

Razputin1135d ago

Hey we can never know. Let's see what happens.

Sony many have exclusive rights to some games, but lets hope those aren't indefinitely or Square is able to release it on PC at least.

I want to see their entire library come to PC. The sheer possibilities.

AzubuEntus1135d ago

Hooray! It's only a matter of time until FFX and XII will come to PC. :D

Lon3wolf1135d ago

I wish 12 would go to PC, 10 not so much. All would be good for only PC owning fans.

Gh05t1135d ago

Why would you skip FFIX???

Magicite1135d ago

FF9, 10 and 12 most probably never gonna come to other platforms, those are Playstation exclusives.

starchild1135d ago

They just keep bringing 'em. PC gaming is thriving like never before.

Magicite1135d ago

This gen I might just skip consoles (for now), because PC is delivering all I need.

Kalebninja1135d ago

I was hoping for an X before that V... I really want XV to be on PC because I doubt it'll be 60 fps on consoles. Thing is I know they're gonna pull a XIII again and bring it to PC way later after everyone's already played and done with it.

stragomccloud1132d ago

Yeah, I totally expect the same. Oh well, it's not like we don't have a ton of other games to play.