Fallout 4 PC price gets nuked at UK/US site

Dealspwn: Fallout 4 is hogging all the news here today with a new trailer and our feature article. But what about buying it? Well, seeing as cheap games it what our site says on the tin we thought we better bring you a great deal too. We've found a great UK and USA price for you PC gamers out there.

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SteamPowered2150d ago

I always check out what Cdkeys has on the go. Lots of new and preordered games for cheap! Sometimes half off the launch price.

I make my rounds on Cheapshark as well. Couldnt hurt to shop around.

Game on!

Agent-862150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Yep, I shop around as well. There are really good deals if you just take the time to look. You might like this site that I use. It's a comparison site that lists most the CD key shops by price. It's a pretty useful tool for finding great deals.

For instance, they have Mad Max for as cheap as $15.75! The game just came out and you can get it dirt cheap. It also happens that Cdkeys is the one listed as having it for that price. Cdkeys is a great site, but they're not always the cheapest. That's why I like this comparison site, so you can see all your options.


SteamPowered2150d ago

Oh Sweet! Thanks a lot! Helps with comparisons nicely.

bubs up helpful.

nowitzki20042149d ago

If you don't know about it, check out You can usually preorder games for under $30 during weekly sales.