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Bungie released Destiny 2.0 this week, and the anticipated update makes it the experience Destiny fans have been waiting for.

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wutang4ever2149d ago ShowReplies(2)
swice2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Yeah hook, line, and sinker.

No more destiny for me.

travelguy2k2149d ago

I can understand why some people have no interest in the game. But i don't understand all the hate for it. Why do people feel they must force their opinion on others? Don't like it, don't play... play what you like and let others do the same.

Can't we all just get along! lolz

SirBradders2149d ago

Wholeheartedly agree. It's just people are sheep these days they jump on any bandwagon they can to feel apart of something, may be due to not having real life friends.

swice2148d ago

I was a day one buyer, and can't afford it anymore. I don't hate destiny: I'm very upset with Bungie and Activision, and have spoken by uninstalling the game. I had over 400 hours put into it, so it's a bit heartbreaking. If anything, Destiny has taught me to be MUCH more careful when preordering, and to not jump for joy at every piece of hype.

People that have never owned the game and that are interested should most definitely pick this up.

gamer92149d ago

I played last night, feels like the same game. New crucible maps, a few strikes, and a raid, then back to grinding the nightfall to get gear. I think it will get old a lot faster than it did in year 1, and that’s okay as long as it shortens the gap to Fallout.

JWiLL5522149d ago

The new Taken King content isn't even out yet, just a weapon balancing and economy changes that won't have full effect until the 15th.

Only new content this week is in PVP.

Knushwood Butt2149d ago

Not quite true. Strikes that used to be dlc only were playable for my buddy that has no dlc.

JWiLL5522149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

@knushwood butt

Okay...none of that is new Taken King content. They've added DLC stuff to regular playlists and PS4 exclusive content to Xbox.

gamer92148d ago

JWill, a lot of thing they have talked about are there – the new quests, more room for bounties, tweaks to UI, weapon blueprints, etc. Quite frankly Destiny 2.0 feels just like Destiny 1.0.

Yes the Taken king will add a few hours of story, 3 strikes, 1 raid. And that is arguably worth the price of admission, but it’s not a whole new game like some people are claiming.

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