Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Appears to be the Perfect Sequel

At PAX Prime 2015 we got a chance to play the absolutely superb Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, the follow up to last gen’s instant classic. Find out why this demo gave Justin all the faith in the world that this sequel will deliver.

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MPScrimshaw1138d ago

Never bothered to check out the first one. Didn't seem like my thing, but this seems interesting enough to take a look at.

user99502791138d ago

Same, just never really stuck out as something I cared to play. This new one looks pretty remarkable though. Will be hard to pass up.

blackblades1138d ago

That's your problem right there.

ChouDa1138d ago

This game looks and feels like how I was expecting the original game to be.

shocked6861138d ago

Loved the concept behind the first game and it was pretty well done all-in-all. Hoping this one really kills it

ZeroSkerbo1138d ago

Really excited for this one, 60fps glory!

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