Could We Ever See Another Monkey Island Game From Ron Gilbert?

In celebration of Monkey Island turning 25 this year, series creator Ron Gilbert has addressed the question of whether he will ever make another entry in this cult franchise.

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SlappingOysters3228d ago

The Cave was solid enough. He should take to Kickstarter to gauge interest.


Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman Talk Humor and Bringing Monkey Island Forward 30 Years

Original Monkey Island creators Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman talk with us about the series' humor and bringing it forward 30 years in an interview from PAX West.

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YourMommySpoils672d ago

I'd love to see DeathSpank on current gens.


Monkey Island - Why I can't Live Without this Particular Piece of Junk 30 Years on

Gary Sheppard of GameGrin writes: "30 years on, we still don’t know what the titular secret that Monkey Island holds actually is. Original co-creator Ron Gilbert suggested in a Reddit AMA back in 2017 that it is “Guybrush is a banana”, but some have suggested that he might not have been being serious. It’s unclear why they think this. Either way, with the game stuck in copyright limbo since Disney’s purchase of everything that wasn’t nailed down, it might be some time before we learn. But after all this time, why do we still care so much?"

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The Strangest, Silliest PC Gaming Crossovers

Whether it’s an Easter egg, a joke character, or just a little nudge at a competitor, developers love slipping the odd reference to other games into their own. Sometimes though, they go beyond just slapping a Dopefish on a wall or quipping about a ‘doomed space marine’, and we get to see our heroes stride into entirely new, often completely inappropriate new worlds.

Here are a few favourites, along the ones that caused the most ‘wait, what?’ blinking on discovery.