Bungie addresses issues with Destiny 2.0 patch

In a new post to their forums, Bungie has addressed various problems with the Destiny 2.0 patch, including missing quest rewards that will not be awarded retroactively.

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Neonridr2146d ago

well that is stupid. I did my Sunsinger quest last night, got a class item as a reward, but looks like I missed out on an emblem. While it's not that big of a deal, why did Bungie have these quests available before 9/15 without properly testing them?

I at least hope I can re-do the quest again once 9/15 comes along. Thankfully I have a second warlock at the moment, so if I have to I can run it again with that one.

But that is sorta ridiculous that I would have to in the first place.

JeffGUNZ2145d ago

You'd think by now, with all the patches they have pushed forward, they would get it right lol.

AstroCyborg2146d ago

the year long beta continues

jmc88882146d ago

Still haven't addressed their BIGGEST issue, no matchmaking.

(and yes only a moron would be against matchmaking... because if you don't want it... DON'T USE IT!!! IT ISN'T FOR YOU. It's for everyone else, and you can't control them.)

jeromeface2146d ago

2 words.... Make Friends....

Halo2ODST22145d ago

It's not that simple dude, I have a large group of friends who play Destiny, but quite often they're busy when you need their help, why because they also have things to do that I already have done, or are ahead of me, Matchmaking is the best solution.

paul-p19882145d ago

I have plenty of friends that own Destiny, at launch I had 20+ friends online playing it at once. 2 weeks later that had dropped to just 3, and by the end of the month 0. They ALL got fed up of the grind (funnily enough, most of them loved MMO's so love grinding for stuff, Destiny just took that mechanic and made it worse!)

I'm dieing to play the raids, but my friends either sold their copy or don't want to play it anymore. I might download this update, but matchmaking is a MUST to keep the PvE a viable game mode.

Omeganex99992145d ago

You are so right. I changed my mind slightly after I found a good clan with people playing literally every day all day, but I totally understand your frustration, since for the first 11 months I had to play alone or with random people online. I hated the way LFG works and all those fucking elitist asking us to have a Gjallarhorn (yeah, we all do now that is useless). They should add matchmaking to all the activities, then people are always free to choose not to use it.

Taero2145d ago

Well...I don't have a Gjally as I was on holiday camping when Xur came out, I'd stopped playing as I was bored, was considering coming back for 2.0 but then realized that with 90% of everyone having Gjallys now I'm going to be insta kicked.

Omeganex99992142d ago

Nah, this is the right time to get back into the game. Gjally has been debuffed to the point it's going to be useless for the new contents. It won't be made a year two weapon, therefore it will stay at 170 light whereas the new content will be able to get to 280. Get back into the game and find an online clan. TTK is more lonely wolf friendly now, but you would still miss a loss of fun avoiding raids and the other contents.

ChozenWoan2145d ago

+1 well said.

Could you imagine if Bungie treated PvP the same way they treat PvE and removed matchmaking. Both require mics and coodination for the best experience, so both should require a full fireteam for any co-op match (such as control for an example). Yea that would go over well.

Knushwood Butt2146d ago

I was waiting for Zur to show so i could hand that pot back to him to complete that Eris Morn quest but when i fired the game up the pot and quest had disappeared and if i talk to Eris she has no quests or bounties on offer either.


FamilyGuy2146d ago

Incomplete bounties that weren't for exotic items were "automatically abandoned".

Sevir2145d ago

Having plenty of fun with the new structure of the game. They really put in a ton of work into it. Glad I preordered

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