Happy Birthday Guybrush - Ron Gilbert Celebrates 25 Years of Monkey Island

In celebration of Monkey Island turning 25 this year, series creator Ron Gilbert has given a rather fascinating insight into the development process and how The Secret of Monkey Island came to be in our hands.

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The Secrets of Monkey Island's Source Code

Unused art, deleted scenes, and more secrets revealed.

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gold_drake1335d ago

hi so i want all of the games to be remade, on one blu ray disk and for the ps4/5 thanksss

VenomUK1335d ago

I want to see Ron Gilbert's third Monkey Island game.
I can't overstate how much I used to love these games, the characters, the music and the adventure of them all.

gold_drake1335d ago

same, me mum introduced me to the series out of all people haha. 3 and 4 are some of the best games xD

Popsicle1335d ago

Played this on DOS as a kid and again with my wife when the 360 remaster was released. Great series!


Looking Back to 1990 and The Secret of Monkey Island, When Point-and-Clicks Clicked

Dave writes: "Holy-moley, the insult-fighting in The Secret of Monkey Island deserves the praise it gets. Anyone who’s played it can probably recite an insult from memory. The Dairy Farmer line would be in danger of being worn out, but, like most of the lines in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, the purity of its genius will always be there."

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TheScotsman1378d ago

I miss those days somewhat, I bought a remastered version of monkey island recently and gosh I do like it still


Limited Run Games To Release Collectors Edition of The Secret of Monkey Island For Sega CD

The Sega CD version of Ron Gilbert's beloved 1990 adventure game, The Secret of Monkey Island, is getting a special collector's bundle courtesy of LRG; pre-sales open next week.

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darthv721617d ago

And this is why I call LRG a reproduction company. It's all they know how to do is take someone else's works and reproduce and repackage them. Cant wait to see them reproduce other games like MUSHA and Rule of Rose because you know they can and probably will.

dead_pixels1617d ago

Well, I can't disagree in this case, but generally, I love what they do when it comes to putting out otherwise digital-only titles in physical form. I'm a big proponent of physical media and don't want my games to just vanish when a HDD dies or an arbitrary server gets flipped off. That said, I think they're doing the lord's work.

darthv721617d ago

If they stuck to putting digital only game on physical media then fine. But their branching out in reproducing what are already readily available games (in their original physical formats) and charging a premium for them is where the line should be drawn.

There are tons of other digital only games that could benefit from their efforts.

VenomUK1617d ago

I truly love Monkey Island but why release it on Sega CD? I think it is to appeal to the people who make a show of buying vinyl. I mostly buy digital now but... I want it!

rainslacker1617d ago

They are owned by Mighty Rabbit Studos who made Saturday Morning RPG, Breah & Clear, Fat Chicken, and some game they're working on now that I can't remember the name of. They also work with commercial or educational agencies and companies to make various learning programs. Used to work in the same building as these guys with an angel funding group, and they were always knowledgeable and helpful.

LRG is just a publishing company to release these games that wouldn't get physical releases otherwise. But, criticizing them for being something that the company isn't intended to be seems rather petty of you, and misinformed about the people who run it as a secondary business. These guys are collectors and love games. They're providing the collectors market with something they want. I don't see the problem with that, nor any reason why they should be criticized because they aren't doing what you want them to do. If you want more stuff done, then make your own company and do it.

-Foxtrot1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

" It's all they know how to do is take someone else's works and reproduce and repackage them "

I don't understand, it's what they've always done and the entire point of their business

They take games that have never had releases on certain platforms and do retail releases, usually for Indie games or maybe remasters of PS2 games but then you get stuff like this which they do once every so often, it's not like it's all of the time. Sometimes they do a very limited collectors edition and honestly if the game is awesome and has never had a CE before I'll buy it.

I mean I love Psychonauts so this is why I got this gem, where else am I going to get a steelbook of it and a physical soundtrack?


BadElf1617d ago

The hell is a Sega CD? Love the game. Only have it digitally on Xbox. Would love this...wouldnt be able to play it...but thats okay